Peter Pan musical Fort Lauderdale at the Au-Rene Theatre at the Broward Centre : Tickets and Musical Dates

Peter Pan musical Fort Lauderdale

Finally, Fort Lauderdale’s Au-Rene Theatre in the Broward Centre will host the exciting premiere of Peter Pan. The reincarnation of the classic story was created by renowned playwright Larissa Fast Horse. Emmy Award winner Lonnie Price and choreographer Lorena Latarrowere also involved in creating a new world of adventures for the protagonist. So you will be fascinated by this production regardless of your age.

The adventurous world of Peter Pan and his jealous yet loyal friend Tinker Bell begins in the Darling children’s bedroom, where they will embark on a magical journey they will never forget. Featuring iconic songs such as ” I’m Flying “, ” I Gotta Crow “, ” I Won’t Grow Up ” and ” Neverland “, this extraordinary, exciting musical will enchant your whole family. Don’t miss this magical show and welcome it to your city!

Peter Pan Fort Lauderdale

Peter Pan musical in Fort Lauderdale Tickets

Unforgettable evenings at the Au-Rene Theatre at the Broward Centre are on sale now!

From 6 to 18 May 2025, the most legendary Peter Pan performance will give an incredible atmosphere to the famous musical hits to all fans and guests of Fort Lauderdale, FL. Become a part of the magical action, do not delay in purchasing tickets, because they are less and less every day.

Buy tickets for the outstanding premiere of Peter Pan now and get unforgettable impressions and positive emotions for a long time!

Coming soon: Peter Pan at the Au-Rene Theatre, Broward Center For The Performing Arts

In the heart of the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is the Broward Centre for the Performing Arts, known for its performing arts venues since 1991. Almost a million visitors every year, and there are just as many incredible performances. The Broward Centre’s management has taken the responsibility to provide each guest with a comfortable place to spend their time and launched several theatres for the convenience of the audience. For large-scale international and regional productions, the Au-Rene Theatre is offered. This is a beautifully restored large theatre with a functional design, warm atmosphere, modern lighting system and pleasant acoustics.

Another important component is the availability of climate control, which will really help young viewers and adults to feel comfortable while watching Peter Pan.

Broward Center

Rules of The Broward Centre:

  • We recommend that you arrive at the Broward Centre 45-60 minutes before the show.
  • There is no dress code, so wear comfortable clothes
  • Guests are not allowed to block the aisles in the theatre, nor are they allowed to take other people’s seats.
  • In accordance with Florida law, firearms and other weapons are not permitted on the premises. Therefore, all attendees and their bags are subject to search.
  • The campus concierges are wearing red shirts, so if you have any questions, please contact them.
  • You can enjoy food and drinks in specially designated areas, which may vary depending on the specific show.
  • All visitors must have a ticket and be polite

How to get to the Au-Rene Theatre, Broward Center?

Theatre address: Broward Center For The Performing Arts, 201 SW 5th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312, USA

So, in order to get to the Peter Pan performance on time and not to create inconveniences for yourself while travelling to the theatre, please read the various route options and choose the most convenient one for you:
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  • Public transport, namely:
    • Train: TR
    • Bus:06,10,11,20,22,30,31,81
      Bus stations near the Broward Centre are
      Andrews A/Broward B is the closest bus stop,
      SW 7 A/Sw 2 S,
      Broward Central Terminal,
      Brightline Fort Lauderdale Station,
      Brightline Fort Lauderdale. All stations are within walking distance of 3 to 6 minutes.
  • You can also use taxi services to really feel stress-free: Yellow Cab Broward, Lyft or Uber.
  • You can also get there by car. The link to the map is below.
  • Please check for parking availability.

    For all entertainment patrons, the A&E District Public Garage is located across the street from the Broward Centre at 101 SW 5th Avenue (pay at the 1st and 2nd floors using a meter).

    Alternative options: Broward County Government Centre Garage – 151 SW 2nd Street (cash only), District II Car Park – 80 SW 1st Avenue and Riverwalk Centre Garage – 150 SE 2nd Street (cash and credit card)

    Use the link to get to the Au-Rene Theatre

    Don’t worry if you arrive too early or don’t have time to get home. The Broward Centre area is also rich in hotels that will welcome you:


    Peter Pan at Broward Center in 2025: Seating Chart at the Au-Rene Theater

    The Au-Rene Theatre seating chart offers different sections and seating options. From seats near the orchestra to balconies with panoramic views of the performance, the seating chart will help you find your way around and choose the best seat according to your preferences, enhancing your experience. The theatre is divided into three zones.

    The Orchestra section is closest to the stage and offers an up-close view of the performance.

    A popular zone is the mezzanine area, which is above the orchestra section, which provides a wider view of the stage.

    And for a panoramic, unique viewpoint of the performance, there is the balcony area. Audiences generally prefer different sections of the Au-Rene Theatre, as each seat has its own advantages.

    Peter Pan Broward Center

    The cast of Peter Pan musical

    Welcome to the exciting world of Peter Pan, where dreams come true and everyone can feel like a child again. In this show, you will be part of a magical world where children’s fantasies come alive and adventure takes on a new colour. Come and immerse yourself in a unique spectacle that will enchant you and lift your spirits. And our talented actors will create a magical atmosphere for your journey.

    Meet the incredible cast of the musical Peter Pan:


    FAQ The Peter Pan

    How long is Peter Pan the musical?

    The duration of the show is 2 hours and 5 minutes, which includes a 15-minute intermission. It is recommended for ages 8 and up.

    What makes Peter Pan so captivating?

    Peter Pan is captivating primarily due to his intriguing characteristics. His ability to fly, his adventurous nature, his enigmatic persona, his forgetfulness, and the ambiguity surrounding his age all contribute to creating a distinctive and appealing character.

    What is Peter Pan’s age?

    Peter, a twelve-year-old orphan, ventures into the enchanting realm of Neverland, encountering both excitement and peril along the way. Eventually, he unravels his fate: to emerge as a hero celebrated as Peter Pan, although his precise age remains a mystery.

    Is there a musical about Peter Pan?

    Of course, and we invite you to the Au-Rene Theatre.
    This fascinating musical has been popular for almost 70 years and will now appear in front of you in a new adaptation by the famous playwright Larisa Fast Horse.

    Which Bus lines stop near Broward Center for the Performing Arts?

    You can use the Bus lines to get to Broward Center: 06, 10, 11, 20, 22, 30, 31, 81

    What time is the first and the last Train to Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale?

    The BLFM is the first Train that goes to Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale. It stops nearby at 5:44 AM and the last Train – at 12:32 AM.

    Are there refund options available for concert tickets?

    All purchases are deemed final unless otherwise specified. In the event of rescheduling or postponement, your tickets will be automatically transferred to the new date(s) of the event.