Peter Pan The Musical Dallas in Music Hall at Fair Park, Texas: Tickets and Musical Dates

Peter Pan The Musical Dallas

If you are ready to hop on a magical journey with Peter Pan: The Musical come to the Music Hall at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas.

This performance tells us a story about Peter Pan, a young boy who refuses to grow up, who happens to be in Neverland – an island refuge for “Lost Boys”. When he returns to the real world and meets Wendy, Michael, and John Darling, those children accompany Peter back to the magical Neverland, where they learn to fly, get involved in all sorts of adventures, defeat the evil Captain Hook, and are changed forever.

Musical includes such beloved songs as “Tender Shepherd,” “Never Never Land,” and “Distant Melody.” A delightful musical featuring singing pirates, daring sword fights, and fantastic dreams, Peter Pan is a story that is filled with magic and joy.

Peter Pan Dallas

Peter Pan Dallas tickets 2025

Don't miss out on Peter Pan The Musical at the Music Hall in Fair Park, Dallas, featuring special performances on December 27th and January 1st to 4th, 2025!

Join for an unforgettable journey to Neverland, filled with enchanting adventures, mesmerizing music, and capturing moments. Fly away with Peter, Wendy, and the Lost Boys as they battle Captain Hook and his crew, soar through the skies, and discover the true meaning of friendship and bravery.

Secure your tickets now and experience the magic of the timeless story of Peter Pan live on stage!

Peter Pan musical in Music Hall at Fair Park, Dallas

Broadway Dallas is a special place located in the historic Music Hall at Fair Park. They love bringing exciting live musical shows to people of all ages, all year round. They also care about kids and families, so do things to help them learn and have fun, like educational programs and events for the community.

They state themselves as a non-profit organization, which means that they don't make money for themselves. Instead, they rely on different ways of getting money to keep ticket prices low and maintain the beautiful old theatre.

Music Hall Peter Pan

They have a partnership with such companies as American Airlines, Texas Instruments, The Dallas Morning News, and WFAA TV Channel 8. They help them to make Broadway Dallas(Music Hall) a great place for everyone to enjoy!

The Music Hall (Broadway Dallas) policy

Broadway Dallas requires that every person, regardless of age, must have a ticket.

Age recommendations. Age recommendations vary by production and you better be encouraged to do research on a show if it is suitable for your child.

Dresscode. Broadway Dallas generally recommends business attire or casual business attire. Some patrons do attend dressed in evening wear, particularly on Friday and Saturday evenings. During the State Fair of Texas, many patrons are dressed much more casually, particularly if they plan on attending the Fair that same day.

Late Seating policy. This is dictated by each of the shows. We suggest arriving 30 minutes to show time in order to avoid delays.

Recording policy. Absolutely no photography, video recordings, or live audio recordings are permitted.

Security measures. To ensure safety, all attendees will undergo bag inspections and metal detection screenings upon entry. Items such as weapons, laser pointers, recording devices, flashlights, sirens, flammable materials, and other items deemed disruptive or alarming are prohibited inside the venue, both for the comfort of the audience and the staff at the Music Hall.

Concessions. While Broadway Dallas doesn't have a regular discount for students and seniors, there may be special deals for them during certain shows. Each performance might have promotions specifically for students and seniors.

Food and drink. The Crystal Terrace offers a high-quality buffet experience priced between $27.50 and $29.50 (prices may vary) depending on the day and time. The Broadway Café, on the other hand, offers lighter meal options at a more affordable price.

How do I get to Music Hall (Broadway Dallas) to see a performance of Peter Pan?

Music Hall in Fair Park is located two miles east of downtown Dallas. It is easily accessible from Interstate 30, Interstate 45 and the DART Green Line.

You also can easily type an address: 909 1st Avenue, Dallas, TX 75210. And seek for directions.

When attending a Broadway Dallas production at the Music Hall at Fair Park there are several different parking options available, detailed below:

General parking

For Broadway Dallas attendees, general parking at Fair Park is complimentary and included in the ticket price for Broadway Dallas shows. However, for all other non-Broadway shows, parking is available for an additional $10 fee. Please be aware that Gate 4, situated at 1st Avenue and Parry Avenue, will be closed. Instead, friendly parking staff and clear signage will guide you to Gate 5 or Gate 6. This season, Broadway Dallas is introducing tram service to transport you from the parking lots to the Music Hall.

Ada parking

Several reserved ADA parking spots near the Music Hall are accessible to patrons with disabilities, allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. To access ADA parking, enter Fair Park through Gate 5 at the intersection of Robert B. Cullum Boulevard and Grand Avenue. From there, turn left onto 2nd Avenue and then make a right to enter the upper parking lot.

Valet parking

Matinee Performances: Valet opens at 2 1/2 hours prior to performance.
Evening Performances: Valet opens at 2 1/2 hours prior to performance.

Pre-Paid Valet Parking is not available for purchase.

Valet Parking is available the day of your performance for $35 at the valet stand located in the circular drive. Enter thru Gate 5 (Robert B. Cullum & Grand Ave.) Cash and Credit Card is accepted. Valet parking is limited, so please plan to arrive early to reserve your spot.

Seating Chart at the Music Hall Dallas

Music Hall at Fair Park can hold up to 3,420 people but we did not take 3,420 individual photos at Music Hall at Fair Park, so the above seat views should be representative of the section you’re sitting in rather than the specific seat.

All levels are accessible using an elevator, however we recommend patrons with mobility issues be seated in accessible sections for easy access into and out of the performance hall.

Seating Chart Musical hall peter pan

Peter Pan The Musical Cast

Witness the extraordinary talents of the cast of the Peter Pan musical:

  • Carina Gillespie portrays Wendy
  • Delroy Atkinson takes on the role of Captain Nezerra
  • Emily Hawgood shines as Liza
  • Claire Hillier graces the stage as Mrs. Bumbrake
  • Jeremy Taylor captures hearts as Peter Pan
  • Clare Halse embodies Jane
  • Brian Gilligan brings Smee to life
  • Linzi Hateley portrays Mary Darling
  • Lloyd Owen commands the stage as Captain Hook
  • Amy Lennox dazzles as Tiger Lily
  • Delroy Atkinson also portrays Ravello
  • David Bardsley portrays George Darling
  • Alan Morrissey portrays Michael Darling

Don't miss the chance to experience the remarkable performances of these gifted actors!


What is Peter Pan The Musical about?

Peter Pan The Musical brings to life the beloved story of Peter Pan, the forever-young boy, and his adventures in the enchanting land of Neverland through live theater performances.

How long does the show last?

The duration of Peter Pan The Musical can vary depending on the specific production and any intermissions included. Generally, the show runs for about two to two and a half hours, including a break in between.

Are there any age limitations for attending?

Typically, there are no specific age restrictions for attending Peter Pan The Musical. However, parents should use their judgment to determine if the show is suitable for very young children.

Is the show appropriate for children?

Yes, Peter Pan The Musical offers family-friendly entertainment suitable for audiences of all ages. However, parents should note that there might be scenes involving a fantasy violence.

Can I take photos or record during the performance?

No, photography or recording of any kind, including with cell phones, is strictly prohibited during the performance to ensure everyone's enjoyment of the show.

Is there a dress code for attending the show?

There is no specific dress code for Peter Pan The Musical. However, patrons are encouraged to dress comfortably for the occasion.

Can I meet the cast or attend any post-show events?

Some productions may offer opportunities for audience members to meet the cast, participate in post-show discussions, or attend special events related to the show. Check the official website or inquire at the box office for information on any available meet-and-greet sessions or post-show events.

Can I bring snacks or beverages into the theater?

Outside food and beverages are typically not allowed inside the theater.