Peter Pan National Tour

Hurray! The summer season of hit theatre premieres is open!
The long-awaited Peter Pan play is coming back to life! The new adaptation, directed by Lonnie Price, Emmy Award-winner and choreographed by Lorin Latarro, promises to be exciting and incredibly entertaining, and the modern take by playwright Larissa Fast Horse will further intrigue the audience with adventures in a mysterious world.

The show really has magic in it: magic dust, the magical land of Knickerbocker, fantastic characters who surprise with their actions. So we invite you to an adventure story about friendship, dreams and eternal childhood, in which our talented actors have been transformed and gained recognition and huge success!

Buy tickets for the national tour of Peter Pan in North America today and find out the rest of the story!

peter pat national tour

Peter Pan National Tour 2024/2025 – All About It

The Peter Pan tour embraces the child in all of us and gives us the opportunity to plunge into the memories of childhood for a little while. After all, the plot of the play usually revolves around the adventures of Peter Pan, which he shares with the Darling children and other friends in the land of Neverland. The exciting musical is not only fun and colourful, but also reveals important topics for children:

  1. Friendship: the mutual support of the characters who help each other and become a real source of strength in times of danger
  2. The fight against evil – the confrontation with Captain Hook
  3. Belief in magic and the development of imagination, as the story takes place in the world of Knickerbockerbocker, created by Barry, where Peter Pan inspires us to feel its magic and beauty
  4. Belief in one’s own limitless possibilities and courage

The performance lasts approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes with an intermission, and the pleasure will last for a long time. Viewers of all ages will be truly grateful and fascinated by this fairytale story!

Don’t miss your chance and join the show in cities across North America!

We recommend that you plan your visit in advance: choose a date and city, buy a ticket, read the route to the theatre and the rules of admission to the hall and be ready to enjoy the premiere! Give yourself a moment of pleasure!

Production, Music & Effects

The success and recognition of any show depends on many factors: plot, direction, acting, sets, music and special effects. The national tour of Peter Pan, which will take place in 2024 and 2025, is an action-packed and exciting story about the mysteries of the magical world that will come to life on the stages of cities across North America.

The use of fairy dust will fill the musical with adventures and iconic musical hits such as “I’m Flying”, “I Gotta Crow”, “I Won’t Grow Up” and “Neverland”. The action is so magical and fabulous that the magical world of Peter makes the performance unforgettable for the audience.

Impressive costumes and make-ups of fairies and pirates, their flights among moving elements and lighting effects enhance emotions, create dramatic episodes and, conversely, an inspiring atmosphere. The transformation of scenes and transitions between events will definitely not leave anyone indifferent!

Peter Pan National Tour Tickets

Thirty-three theatres in North America are hosting the Peter Pan tour and promise fans unforgettable evenings of famous musical hits and a pleasant atmosphere!

Become a part of the most legendary event of 2024 and don’t delay in purchasing tickets, as they are becoming less and less every day.
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Cast & Creative

Feel the spirit of adventure and magic with the most famous dreamer of all time! We invite all lovers of fun and fairy tales to the exciting musical Peter Pan!

Together with the cast, you will be transported to the wandering world of Knickerbockerbocker, where you will find mysteries, adventures, battles and confrontations with Evil, the power of Goodness and the sharp minds of the characters.
Gather with your family and friends for an unforgettable experience!

Immerse yourself in a fabulous dream world with Peter Pan (NOLAN ALMEIDA) and his team, including the main cast:


Tickets are already on sale, so make sure you have an unforgettable adventure!

Peter Pan National Tour FAQS

How long is the Peter Pan tour in North America?

The tour starts in April 2024 and ends in May 2025.

How long is a Peter Pan performance?

Usually 2 hours and 20 minutes with intermission, but there may be a deviation of a few minutes depending on the conditions of the Theatre.

What age group is recommended for watching Peter Pan?

Recommended for children aged 8 and over.

What makes Peter Pan so exciting?

Peter Pan fascinates primarily with his desire to be a child, because
his adventurous nature creates adventures that are interesting for him and others.

Where to buy tickets for Peter Pan?

Our website – offers you information and up-to-date ticket availability for 33 theatres across North America. So sign up for our newsletter and follow the events on the site to be the first to know about all the changes and new products.